It’s all about capacity!

Today I can do more than I could 20 years ago. It is true that in some areas my capacity may be less than it was 20 years ago. Im not sure I’m as strong, I may not be as fit but overall I would have to say my capacity is far greater than it was.

I hear many people who seem to have a vision of their life somehow fizzling out, dying off like a sparkler on bonfire night. That’s not a biblical picture. Our outward man may decay but inwardly, Paul says, we are being renewed day by day. In other words your tank should be enlarging, your capacity increasing.

It is possible to go from strength to strength

Hurts, offences, unforgiveness, disappointment, betrayal all things our biblical menotes faced have the potential to reduce our capacity but that is not the will of God. Oh no, God sees you larger, stronger, fitter, inwardly renewed. More effective, more relevant, more relational. God had to teach Moses how to increase his personal capacity to lead and fulfill his destiny. Maybe some of the things that God showed Moses can help us today!

Here are some God lessons on increasing your capacity from

READ: Exodus 18.

1. Be Teachable: Ex 18:17-18.

Moses has lead the people through the Red Sea but he still took the wisdom of Jethro on board. Don’t think look what I’ve done, think what can I learn.

Get yourself a coach! A mentor who will help you achieve your best. a good coach/mentor helps YOU discover your best ideas, your best plans and your best methods of growth and execution.

2. Listen: Ex 18:19-24.

It’s one thing to hear it’s another to listen and heed. People often hear but listeners do so with a commitment to change. Moses changed what he was doing! Don’t live life without reflection. Look back through your notes, what did God say? What did you do?

Who can speak correction into your life. Discipleship is being lost to the Church in many places because we have a generation that isn’t used to practices of discipline.

3. Pray: Ex 18:19

Nuff said. Ok not enough, talk to God about stuff…

4. Read: Ex 18:21-25

Some people read books which is good, but also read people and situations. Find the people that have your best interests a heart and connect, even the lone-ranger had tonto (sorry).

Also read books. You can find some great books I’ve read over at

5. Release people: Ex 18:27.

Release the people in your world, empower them to make a huge difference and impact, release them into their destiny.

My prayer for any leader reading this blog is that we would increase our capacity.


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