3 Hats You Wear As A Leader

IMG_0351As a leader you wear these 3 Hats, friend, mentor and leader.

  1. Friend: As a leader try to be a friend to everyone. Everyone’s friend. Jesus said, “love your enemies.” Whatever happens, whatever people do, do everything that you can to be their friend, to still want their best, to be friendly. A friend says I want the best for you.
  2. Mentor/Coach: If you are a friend to everyone then you are a mentor/coach to some. These are people who allow you to help them achieve their best. There will be some people in your world that are open to be coached by you, open to your advice. A coach/mentor says, “I can help you with that.”
  3. Leader: Obviously if you lead an organisation or church etc. you are a leader to all in the sense of setting direction and the way ahead. The context here, however, is people who will allow you to shape them, disciple them, develop them. In this context you are leader to a few, because only a few will allow you this privilege. A leader in this context says, “This is what you must do.” “This is the right thing for you to do.”

Enjoy discovering your Leadership Hats and working with the people in each of these spheres.



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