No Drama


Something I’ve been thinking through a lot recently is how much drama we can create around things that don’t need it. I first started thinking about this when in London Hillsong recently Gary Clark was asked, “How do you make this (Bermondsey) location work when there’s no parking and the nearest tube station is over 2KM away.” Gary replied, “We just never made it a problem.”

This got me reflecting on how great and how needed this wisdom is. Jesus seems clear, purposeful and uncomplicated. A master of reducing drama rather than creating it. Even when circumstances poured pressure upon him and he experienced resistance that could have created drama in his world he seems to be able to keep calm and keep going relatively stress free.

Some Things That Create Drama

  • Our Ego: I’m convinced this is No.1. We get bent out of shape too easily. Even Jesus had to say “Blessed is the one who does not take offence at me.” Matthew 11:6. If the possibility was very real to be offended by Jesus (and he’s offended me several times) then the possibility of being offended in Church is very real.
  • “It’s Never Been Done Before.” Whilst we are debating whether something can be done someone else is doing it. This relates to a whole range of things that we do within church from worship styles and songs, outreach, pastoral approaches, technology etc. One of our values is creativity therefore we’ll find a way.
  • Religion: A religious spirit and attitude can emerge amongst the best of us and actually be latent within us more than we know. Religion tries to keep us small, controlled and pious. It responds in uproar or quiet disdain when something happens beneath its or our exacting standard. Religion ironically loves to judge, when the author of our faith clearly says, “Do not judge or you will be judged… for with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” Mathew 7:1
  • “It’s Hard!”: We often say this when actually something isn’t really that hard just inconvenient. We are often happy to experience or overcome inconvenience for something that we really want but then look for comfort when it comes to serving Jesus. People can do stuff when they really want to…
  • Frustration:

The Antidote

Keep telling yourself…

No Drama

Keep believing…

All things are possible

Keep doing…

What others aren’t willing to do…


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