The Win

Some Thoughts after last night:7CAA7EB8-277F-4E3F-91C1-5DDA15A33585Human Flourishing: Helping People Live Their Best Life

This can only happen when relationship is restored in all four directions.

A relationship with God is the catalyst and the engine that will drive all other restoration. Without it human brokenness and dis function usually never properly heals.

Therefore or Key Indicators of Effectiveness as a Church are:


KNOW GOD: How Many People Are Experiencing a Relationship With God:

As a church are we seeing people come to faith? Are we reaching people who are not yet Christians? Are new people starting and progressing in their God relationship?

FIND FREEDOM: Are People Dealing With Their Issues?

Relationship with self, relationship with others are these being restored? Are people learning to forgive? Are they turning their mess into a message? Are people breaking old habits and finding freedom? Are people exhibiting fruits of the Spirit? Are people connecting in community, this is the No.1 arena with the potential to bring freedom.

DISCOVER PURPOSE: Are People Engaging With The Mission Of Jesus?

Are People Serving on team? Do they see a workplace, a vocation or where they live as part of their calling? Have they or are they discovering their gifts? Do people want to make a difference in the lives of others? Do people actively seek to contribute to society and change?


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